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Lotto Ball Nitrocellulose

Jun 07, 2017

Billiards is an internationally popular and elegant indoor sports, is a club with a club on the table, relying on the calculation of the score to determine the outcome of the indoor entertainment sports.

Billiards have evolved into a variety of styles: Chinese-style eight-ball, Russian-style billiards, British-style billiards, open-bin billiards, American-style billiards and snooker billiards, which is the most common snooker, has become a Match item.

Billiards are also called billiards (Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao called), pool (Taiwan called). The first billiards were made of wood, and then appeared ivory.

It is said that an ivory can only make five balls, the United Kingdom only produced billiards every year on the need for thousands of elephants, made a good ivory billiards have to undergo a rigorous selection, the weight must be the same, so the price is very expensive! So Ivory billiards are only suitable for the court nobles have fun! Later, known as the father of the US plastics industry Hai Yate, developed a nitrocellulose, camphor, alcohol and other chemical raw materials mixed billiards, which greatly reduces the cost of billiards; then appeared in 1920 A kind of stone carbonate cast billiards, billiard manufacturing costs even lower.

Now the billiards are made of synthetic resin, mainly polyester, unsaturated polyester, phenolic resin, urea resin and other varieties. The price and grade of different materials are very different. The standard of international competition is made of phenolic resin.

Billiards has been five or six hundred years of history, billiards originated in which country? Some say that the ancient Greek, some say that France, some say that the United Kingdom, and some say that China, Italy and Spain, and so on different opinions, in fact, according to legend, so it is difficult to affirm. However, billiards originated in Western Europe is indisputable fact.

Billiards In the fourteenth century AD, England in the British Queen Victoria era, billiards activities are very much attention, in some rich family, not only luxury pay attention to the billiards, but also in the play, there are strict activities etiquette , Some provisions are still in use today. If you play, there are guests, you must gently open the door into the room, not loud conversation and noise, so as not to affect the people playing quiet thinking. Another example is in the play, you can ask each other not to face themselves or close to their own standing, do not allow casually waving club and other uncivilized action. Billiards is an elegant sport, billiards hall, room, also have a similar not allowed to loud noise and smoking and other express provisions.

1510 Billiards appear in France, the French King Louis XIV in the Versailles playing billiards is "single ball" (Single Pool), put on the table with an ivory arch (Port) and a ivory column called "king" (King), with a spoon-shaped bar to play, the ball hit the door or hit on the feasible points.