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Lotto Machine Lottery Lottery

Jun 14, 2017

Lotto Machine Lottery lottery

Lottery (lottery) homophonic lottery people asked, lottery lottery in the end what it means. Simply now the lottery can be divided into three categories. One is a passive lottery, that is, that kind of open lottery. As Lottery can not take the initiative according to their own choice, so called passive lottery. This type of lottery is characterized by no bonus, only fixed bonuses. There is also a class of active lottery, also known as lottery lottery, now released sports lottery is the case. Lottery can take the initiative to select the number, in the M number selected N number, and then published with the winning number to the right. This lottery is characterized by a bonus, so fixed bonuses and floating bonuses are available. The last one for the more active lottery, it is also known as TOTO lottery, horse racing lottery is the case. This lottery is characterized by a certain calculation of the composition in the inside, and the movement to understand the deeper Lottery winning chance will be relatively large. Open lottery, lottery lottery, digital lottery and transparent lottery. "Lottery Lottery" uses a combination of play, that is, from the M number of numbers selected N number of bets, a group of N numbers of the combination known as a note. "Lottery lottery" on schedule sales, the number of days to determine the lottery, according to the annual calendar year, different prize pool lottery number were sorted. Betting can be divided into betting or betting, phone betting, etc .; betting method can be divided into optional number bet and machine number betting, current bet and multi-period betting, single betting, double betting and so on. Optional number betting betting selected number input betting machine sure ...

Lotto is the English word lottery transliteration, the original intention is to issue a lottery, draw to the award.

In China, lottery generally refers to a lottery play, that is, the Chinese sports lottery super big lottery, not all lottery are called lottery.

In the NBA draft in the lottery area of the argument, meaning that there is no entry into the playoffs of the 14 teams have the opportunity to get the way through the lottery pick the opportunity to sign. Because this lottery ceremony is similar to the lottery in the "lottery lottery", so called the lottery area.

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