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Lotto Overtime For The Chinese Women's Football Added Value

Apr 07, 2017

Women's World Cup in canada. After a lapse of eight years, the Chinese women's football world cup. Different from the previous, this session of the national team has been like Li Jiayue was shocked by the media goddess of beauty players. CCTV host Zhang Bin praised the "this is the next highest value of women's China yan."

For the fans, there are a lot of ways for the women's football, in addition to watching TV in front of the relay, but also into the color shop, playing the world cup betting list".

In the world cup 24 teams, the Chinese women's football team to win the index for the loss of 67, ranked eleventh, while the same group of Canada, Holland, New Zealand, the winning index were lost by 13, a loss of 81, 1, loss of 1, 151, 1. These indices and their changing trend, in the eyes of the senior players, must contain a huge knowledge". In a lot of people from the ranks of the ranks of the fans into the ranks of the new lottery seems to understand the winning index and let the ball index is also a mysterious incomparable advanced course". The SMG concerned women, "new people" and "old people" will find hidden but beautiful spot.

During the women's football World Cup, the national lottery outlets will be delayed until 1:00 a.m., but only on Saturday, Sunday, when the sale time is 1:00, Monday to Friday is zero. SMG during the world cup overtime, lottery for the fans and for Chinese women's "Twelfth" to provide more convenience.

By selling a variety of games, including SMG, a considerable portion of the lottery public welfare funds are used to support the Olympic glory plan and campus football program. In these two plans, the present and future of the women's football players will become beneficiaries. From this point of view, each color betting lottery and lottery, are the Chinese women's football twelfth".More information, please come to visit the qilong website: www.qilonglotto.com.