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Lotto Winning Skills: Analysis Using The Mantissa Multiplier

Mar 26, 2017

The new rules of Super Lotto carrying big send 120 million yuan prize to countless lottery as cheering, how simple and effective betting, let's take a look at the "mantissa analysis method".

The so-called "mantissa" is the 35 red number according to the numbers of the same into a number, all the numbers are summarized into 10 groups mantissa, as follows: is summarized as "1"; is summed up as ""; is summed up as "3"; is summed up as "4"...... 10.20.30 is summed up as "0".

So put on 35 numbers into the trend characteristics of the 10 groups of mantissa, as long as a group will seize the mantissa, it is equal to the trend characteristics of the three together to seize a number; a group mantissa is equal to the number of 3~4. The mantissa is regular trend obvious characteristics, it is easy to analyze the trend characteristics of each of the selected number, thus greatly reduce the difficulty.

"Mantissa" analysis method is based on the "mantissa chart" to analyze each mantissa, judge the future trend in advance according to the characteristics of each mantissa, an analysis method to select the betting betting number.

Through the analysis of the chart found the mantissa "10 group is the common feature of mantissa trend, the trend of more unique characteristics. "Mantissa" trend is the biggest characteristic of the strong, the use of these laws of the trend, can anticipate the tail number trend of a certain period and a tail number several number. Through observation, we can also find a lot of classic rules of the trend, such as the central symmetry of the trend, the trend of repeated history, the same trend, the overall trend of the ladder.