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Love Lottery Insist On Buying More Than A Decade Only To Achieve The Dream Of The Heart

May 26, 2017

The appearance of simple and honest Mr. Yi (surname) is the Chinese welfare lottery "two-color ball" No. 2017059 first prize winner, in the morning of May 25, he and his son together to Shanghai Fucai Duijiang Department won the prize money.


Mr. Yi is engaged in decoration work in Shanghai for many years, he said that since 1996, he began to buy welfare lottery, he likes to study the lottery number, give yourself a dream, dream today to achieve. Every time you buy Choi Yi are doing their own study number, to double betting, the winning number is Mr. Yi chase a lot of time, and finally bear to make him hold the prize.

It is understood that this "two-color ball" winning lottery Mr. Yi with a double betting 9 +2 way, cost 336 yuan, won a total of 1 note first prize, 1 second prize and 18 note third prize, there are four to six prize Of the 13,250 yuan, the total prize money of 5286489 yuan. Mr. Yi said the winning is very happy, but life or to continue, and not because of winning and give up their careers back home, he will continue to support welfare lottery! Duijiang finished, Mr. Yi to help the Shanghai Foundation to help the Foundation. Let us praise for the winner's usual heart!