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Money Machine Brief Introduction

Jun 23, 2017

 Software around the open customers, customer transactions, maintenance of customers, the Money Machine brief introduction management team of four major work, the design of the 12 human function.

Content brief editor

In the new China today, there has been a pioneer in creating a wealth of education legendary master, he taught us to make money, he wrote with his talent and practice, and in the past few years, there is no school to teach us to make money directly; This "money machine".

Some people are hardworking life mediocre;

Some people work hard to keep their families life:

It was easy to live on the thought of the day.

Do you want money to earn enough day when youth is exhausted?

Rich and free life, is the goal of the struggle and struggle for the majority of people. This book provides a set of ways to achieve a rich and free life, through the analysis of four kinds of people to help you grasp the situation, guide you step by step to join the ranks of the rich, so that you learn to make money at the same time , But also make time, so you finally earn a perfect life.

This book is clear logic, clear steps, easy to understand, practical and strong.

From 800 yuan to board the Chinese rich list, really is not a dream! Whether you are a civilian, or dignitaries, as long as you want to make money, you can pick up the book.

Software: Make money machine editor

Hezheng Dasheng International (Guangzhou) Education Group has a software, also known as making money machine. Software around the open customers, customer transactions, maintenance of customers, the management team of four major work, the design of the 12 human function.

Software features

Customer management: according to the needs of entry, import and call customer information, follow up the sales process, to achieve efficient customer management

Time Management: Fill in the calendar template to make your daily, weekly, monthly goals clearer, and achieve effective time management

Network customers: to design their own network sales letter, in the online promotion of a steady stream of potential customers to achieve your network marketing

Search: tens of millions of customer information with your call, and the weekly increase in the list, the accuracy of up to 90%.

Search Express: You can search for the customer information you need on more than 400 large portals across the country.

SMS marketing: let you fast and efficient product marketing and service promotion, mass SMS to achieve a custom, a large number of SMS templates you choose, no longer have to worry about editing text messages, but also query the history of SMS services.

Mail marketing: free products and services will be spread to customers, so that your product 24 hours are for your work phone marketing: the system automatically dial, convenient telephone records, ultra-low fees, the sales and service process will be complete Of the record, in order to follow up the customer, improve sales efficiency

Fax marketing: no print, any time can be sent to the customer facsimile machine, reduce office costs, to achieve low-carbon office.

Customer care: the only market can be customized in the form of mass SMS, regular regular send festivals, birthday blessing.

Team management: real-time control of personal performance and team goals to achieve the situation

Business tracking: According to the different stages of sales, the system can automatically remind customers of business tracking, so you master the sales of each customer. You can always read the query.