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Multiple Measures To Ensure Safety Of The Super Lottery Game

Mar 27, 2017

The morning of May 28th, the delegation arrived in Yizhuang Economic Development Zone Beijing lottery Printing Co. Ltd., visited the lottery printing process.

According to the staff, the production of China's sports lottery is the world's leading imported lottery production equipment, which is based on the concept of environmental protection, the 21 station continuous paper production, efficient, safe.

In order to ensure that the award breaks the security of data, printing strictly three level detection: the first is the company inspection, followed by the third party professional testing commissioned last year will also simulate data sent to the foreign authority of one to two times. The whole production process has realized the separation of the design room and the production equipment, and put an end to the possibility of human factor interference.

In addition, the winning database in foreign countries, the initial order and the final print out of disagreement, completely disrupted, so who do not know which prize."

Logistics and transport vehicles is also a special lottery transport vehicles, each car is equipped with GPS positioning, timely monitoring of vehicle transport, to ensure the safety of the lottery to reach the provinces and cities.

Before the lottery did not reach the sales outlets around, awarding all is deemed invalid, "if someone before awarding, our system will automatically alarm." The working people on the scene said the way. In other words, the lottery must be transported to the sales network, will be activated. More information, please come to visit the qilong website: www.qilonglotto.com.