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Optimistic About The Number 9MACD Jincha Next Optimistic Out

Dec 05, 2017

Hello, everyone! The big data article mentioned in the previous period: in the group distribution map, the code separated three, the current 19, of which 1 is the mantissa, the end of the period has been linked to 2, the current if the open code, 9 is better than 1 , And the recent serious shortage of large 789, the current concern number 9 performance. With the help of the 3D selection assistant, the numbers of 9K crossed the 20-period moving average, the 5-moving average crossed the 20-day moving average, and the K-line had a stronger trend. The MACD is under the slow line and the slow-moving line formed the golden fork trend obvious. Comprehensive point of view, this issue of concern number 9 out!

17331 lottery result 782, number 9 is not out, 331 K-line by the 20-day moving average under the blocking effect continue downward.

331 number 9K line screenshots

The current K line was "N" form the trend (red long box below), and the MACD line to wear slow line across the formation of Jin Cha trend, MACD blue column has been approaching the 0 axis, 17332 to prevent the number out!