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Reminder! Grand Prize Tonight The Total Prize Money Of Up To 250 Million

Apr 01, 2017

The first two consecutive tiaokonggaokai, Lotto finally in the night of 12127th sent 1 note 10 million yuan premium prizes, but from the Henan lucky and no additional, missed the highest 6 million yuan plus bonus. After the current lottery, Lotto jackpot not fall 232 million yuan, is expected to add sales provision, tonight the cut-off of 12128th first prize total prize money of up to 250 million yuan.

34 missing a full 50

12127th lottery lottery number is: the former area, 12, 13, 14, 25, 35, rear area, the number of 10". The area before the winning numbers first, 2, 4, breaking the 6 District, out of 12, 13, 14 "this group of three numbers, and a" 25, 35 "this group of parity code, including" 13, 14 "is the number of weight," 14 "is the third consecutive period out, in addition to 35" is the recent active heat, in the 12124th period, 12125th period two consecutive out, only a period appeared again, in contrast with the adjacent "34" but with the first cold code identity to stealth, until the current missing for 50 period; issued after the two largest number, including "12" before and after the district also appeared has become a major difficulty in the current winning numbers.

Henan 10 yuan ticket in the first prize

Although a lot of difficulties winning numbers, but is still the first period in the nation 1 note, in the pool of billions of dollars of preferential payout measures of positive, single note bonus up to 10 million yuan, located in Henan Province, winning the lottery is a 10 yuan note 5 single tickets sold at 12:34 on October 29th, in addition to the 1 note in the first prize also, the 1 note in the $5 eight prize winners, unfortunately not every note to spend 1 yuan of additional, missed the highest 6 million yuan plus bonus.

In addition to the 1 note first prize million yuan, the current also in the two prize in the 31 note, 138429 yuan bonus for each note, 11 note appended, can get extra bonus of 83057 yuan, Jiangsu, Fujian and Guangdong are currently in the two prize in the 4 note, including Fujian and Guangdong have been added 3 note. The other 5 note additional prize two respectively from Jilin, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Yunnan and Ningxia.

Go not fall to 232 million

The current national lottery betting amount reached more than 87 million 730 thousand yuan, of which Jiangsu sales of more than $11 million 80 thousand in the first place, Guangdong ranked more than second yuan, more than 7 million 120 thousand yuan in Zhejiang ranked third in 8 million 50 thousand.

Sent 1 note 10 million yuan prize, Lotto jackpot not fall, has reached more than 232 million yuan. In 12128th for tonight's lottery lottery, except through additional impact of the highest 16 million Yuan grand prize, but also by times cast chase million Yuan grand prize dream.