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Stirrer Lottery Machine Fundamental

Jun 23, 2017

Stirrer Lottery Machine Fundamental

1, the "Big Mac," said the body color "Super Lotto" shake machine, at 10:00 on May 10, 2007, at the Beijing Fengtai Sports Center in the lottery hall exposed its true colors. More than 20 media from all over the country and representatives of Lottery witnessed the moment of the opening of the winners. Subsequently, the two imported from France, the thriller also carried out to China after the first live demonstration.

2, September 1, 2008 10:30 am, with a number of "14" ball from the roll machine roll, a nearly ten million yuan "grand prize" produced. However, it is not a lottery winning, but the provincial people's court officially launched a public election commissioned the auction produced a "winning bid" - and "14" this number corresponds to a company called "Hualong Auction Co., Ltd." The company received the nearly ten million yuan commissioned auction project.

It is understood that the Provincial Higher Court in accordance with the Supreme Court of the judicial interpretation and provisions of the "Provincial People's Court commissioned by the judicial appointment of foreign management approach (Trial)", requiring the province's courts at all levels of judicial accreditation agencies responsible for unified identification, assessment, audit And other work; the establishment of social identification agencies and experts on the roster.

According to the Provincial High Court news spokesman, unified external commissioned the auction work, the establishment of "isolation zone", the purpose is to implement and commission the auction effectively separated from the open, fair and transparent procedures to protect, but also can effectively eliminate the " Black box operation "," internal designation "and so on to the court to bring adverse effects. Supreme People 's Court of Hebei Province officially commissioned external auction

3, February 10, 2009 evening, Shenzhen style welfare lottery tickets will be the first 57 this year, a service for nearly a decade the second generation of Shenzhen Fucai election machine in the evening of the winning number, will be officially declared retired The And before this, accompanied by the Shenzhen people for many years, to bring you happy and lucky number of a total number of machines to shake out the 663 welfare lottery, shake out the 240 first prize, and created a total of 500 million millionaire a total of 40 The The second generation of blessing color selection machine successfully opened the national precedent <Details> a

1, the original manual: the main use of turntable and box-type two, the basic principle of the turntable is the object to symmetrical center rotation,

2, box type: as long as only the use of cylindrical center axis rotation, so that inside the winning ball random chaos, to achieve a random and fair effect.

3, the principle of mixing-type shake machine simply put the main use of the stirring shaft rotation, so that all the ball random movement, a time to open the ball, just after the ball out of the ball as a lucky ball.