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Stirrer Lottery Machine Shake The Various Awards Of The Machine

Jun 14, 2017

Stirrer Lottery Machine Shake the various awards of the machine

The winners are used to shake the various prizes of the machine. Applicable to the courts, government agencies, enterprises and other needs to show fair and equitable units or lucky draw or select all aspects of the activities. National lottery business, are using the lottery winning party, the provincial court, the relevant publicity departments, will use the winners as a fair and just signs. The earliest drawer was developed by French scientists. Divided into a generation of stirring-type winners and second-generation inflatable winners.

The design process of the winning machine is based on the scientific principle, through repeated experiments and demonstration, to complete the series of shake machine design. The performance characteristics of the winners ensure the fairness of the results. Technical level: With the continuous improvement of the technical level, from the original manual to now fully automated shake the prize. The winners are divided into two kinds of winners: one is the stirring type; one is the blowing type. With two different techniques, different ways to win the prize.

China's technical situation: After several years of development, the level of domestic technology has been catching up with the pace of the world, the country has a number of production roll machine manufacturers, specifically for the lottery affiliates to provide services, large scale, advanced technology.

Demand situation: many government departments or business units in China, due to social and environmental requirements are required to open to the public, to show fair, combined with recreational raffle activities gradually into the people's work needs, so the demand for winners is increasing In addition, in recent years, more emerging, the need for fair and notarized the rise of the industry, but also increased the demand for the winners.

1, the original manual: the main use of rotary and box-type two, the basic principle of the turntable is the object to the center of symmetry,

2, box type: as long as only the use of cylindrical center axis rotation, so that inside the winning ball random chaos, to achieve a random and fair effect.

3, the principle of mixing-type shake machine simply put the main use of the stirring shaft rotation, so that all the ball random movement, a time to open the ball, just after the ball out of the ball as a lucky ball.