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The Big Lottery Will Send Another 4 Million Prizes. The Prize Pool Will Rise To 6.827 Billion Yuan.

Nov 29, 2018

On November 28th, the Lotto Lottery was launched in the 18140th round. A total of 4 bet prizes were sent nationwide. The single-note bonus was 10 million yuan, which was divided into Shanghai, Shandong (2 notes) and Henan. After the end of the lottery, the prize pool increased slightly and rolled over to 6.827 billion yuan.

Small package front and rear area

In this issue, the number in the front area is “01, 06, 08, 12, 15”, and the number in the back area is “03, 04”. The front area award number is a small combination, the size ratio is 0:5, and the maximum number is only "15". The 2 prefix and the 3 prefix number are collectively absent. "01" appeared again after 1 period interval, and "06" disappeared after 16 periods and finally opened.

In the back area, a small series of "03, 04" is opened. Among them, "03" is the colder number that is opened at intervals of 10, and "04" is the hot number that is opened in the interval.

Big Lotto Opens 4 Tips

After the previous period, the big lottery once again sent 4 behead prizes, which are all 10 million basic bet jackpots, of which 3 bets are based on single betting.

The 10 million jackpots from Shanghai are from Fengxian District. The winning lottery ticket is a 9+2 combined double ticket. A total of 252 yuan is invested. In addition to the first prize of 1 note, the winner also won 20 third prizes and 60 notes. The fourth prize and a number of small prizes, the single ticket winning amount of 10.13 million yuan.

The 10 million prizes in Henan are from Zhengzhou, and the winning lottery ticket is a 2 yuan single ticket.

The 2 million-dollar prizes from Shandong were from Dongying City and Yantai City respectively. The winning lottery tickets were all 10 yuan and 5 note tickets.

The lottery prize pool rose to 6.827 billion yuan

In the second prize of this issue, there are 43 notes, each of which has a bonus of 236,500 yuan, of which 11 bets use additional bets, and each bet has a bonus of 141,900 yuan. After the addition, the second prize will be awarded a total prize of 378,500 yuan; Among the prizes, 608 notes, each note is 6082 yuan, of which 237 notes use additional bets, and each bet has a bonus of 3,649 yuan. After the addition, the third prize will be awarded a total of 9,731 yuan.

After the lottery is over, the lottery prize pool will rise to 6.827 billion yuan, and the prize pool prize will be rolled over to the 18141th issue of this Saturday night.