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The Lottery Game Player Got The First Prize Of Giving No 9 Notes

Mar 22, 2017

The double chromosphere 2017032nd National hot award, in the 63 note first prize, a single injection of 5 million yuan prize, were Jiangsu (9 note), Guangdong (19 note), the lucky lottery was 9, note the first prize of Jiangsu were 6 in Nantong, 2 in Suzhou, 1 in Yancheng. Nantong as a lottery betting at 18:48 on March 21st, in Rudong city Changsha town 32060507 lottery station, a number of Basketball Optional double votes, 6 red, 2 blue, combined into a 6+2 double votes, and 5 times the bets, bets 20 yuan, was the first prize and the two prize in the 5 note a total of 25 million 30 thousand yuan bonus. Nantong Haimen a lucky lottery betting at 19:19 on March 21st, in Haimen Jialing River Road No. 967, 32060785 lottery station, a number of optional 11 red ball double votes, blue ball number 1, consisting of a 11+1 double votes, was the first prize 1 note, 30 note four third-prize, etc. note 150 prize, five prize 200, six prize 81 note, winning a total prize of 5 million 122 thousand and 405 yuan.

Suzhou 2 prize from Zhangjiagang city Zhongxing Road on the north side of the village day in the stack 32055684 lottery betting station, winning the lottery is a 7+2 double votes, and 2 times the bet, ticket time is 16:32 on March 21st, bets 56 yuan, in the 2 note first prize, two prize 2 note, third-prize 12 note four prize, 12 note, 10 million 50 thousand yuan bonus. Yancheng 1 prize from Dongtai City No. 18 North Road, hailing 32090905 lottery betting station, the lucky lottery optional 10 red ball number 1, a blue ball number, consisting of a 11+1 double votes, betting time is 19:32 on March 21st, was the first prize 1 note, third-prize 24 note four prize. 90 note, 80 note five prize, six prize 15 note, winning a total prize of 5 million 90 thousand yuan. As of the 2017032 phase, Jiangsu lottery this year has been the first prize in the first prize in the double chromosphere, the two prize of the 200 note, of which ten million yuan prize in the 4 of the 24.

In addition to the current national double chromosphere 63 note outside the first prize of $5 million, but also out of the two prize in the 284 note, Jiangsu has a total of 13 note.

Total prize after the end of the double chromosphere pool of funds is still as high as 609 million yuan, 2 yuan to 10 million yuan, billion yuan in investment times can still can show color City Award ".