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The Men S World Cup Is Coming Full Shengping Fu Single Solid

Apr 12, 2017

Reporters from the national lottery quiz center was informed, in Beijing on June 9th morning to June 12th at noon in the match, with 31 games in SMG football Shengping Fu and let the ball Shengping Fu single fixed award race, all games were also sold Shengping Fu and let Qiu Shengping negative single fixed award.

June 9th, the women's World Cup group stage 4 games through the morning to morning time, respectively, from Sweden against Nigeria, Cameroon against Ecuador, the United States against Australia, Japan against switzerland. Veteran American women's football team and the Swedish women's football are not a small chance of winning, while the Asian champion Japanese women's football is also expected to start.

The early morning of June 10th to the afternoon of the game, there are 9 selected Shengping Fu "single solid", including the women's World Cup, a friendly international tournament, 1/8 before the final 4 games. Women's World Cup in the 4 round of the strong and weak against the group stage, the Spanish women's football and Brazil women's football are expected to harvest three points. During this period, the World Youth Championship into the knockout stage.

In June 11th, Brazil took the lead in the international friendly against Honduras. Honduras against the powerful Brazil, may not be able to defeat. Noon to the afternoon of the game, there are 6 games in Shengping Fu "single solid" race, including World Championship 1/8 finals 4 games against South Korea and the United Arab Emirates, Japan's two friendlies against iraq.

At 8 pm on June 11th, the men's World Cup qualifying match in the first round will be started, respectively in Bahrain, India to Philippines, Oman of Kuwait, Lebanon Palestinian to Saudi Yemen, North Korea, Chinese's first round bye. The next morning to morning time, the women's World Cup group phase 4 games in Shengping Fu "single solid" race, are Germany against Norway, Chinese against Holland, Canada, New Zealand against Ivory Coast against Thailand. During this period, the 2015 Copa America opener will be started by the host, Chile against Ecuador, Chile aiming at three points.More information, please come to visit the qilong website: www.qilonglotto.com.