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Win The Lottery Game Jackpot Usd 110 Millilon Dallars Of Keeping Using The Same Number Over Years

Mar 28, 2017

I buy lottery tickets every day, of course, concerned about the lottery news, watching a lot of things in the jackpot." There are 11 years of age, Mr. Choi has a winning story, but he did not expect that one day he has become the winner of the story in the eyes of others.

On the morning of October 8th, after a full eleven waiting for the long holiday, Mr. Lou in the relatives of the company, from the city of Kashi to come to the autonomous region welfare center to receive bonuses. He got the first prize in the 2012114 phase of the chromosphere, because he is betting in the way of 6+5, but also in the top two prizes, bonuses totaling more than 1100 yuan.

A group of children birthday by two years

Nearly four years ago, Mr. Lou said that the winning number he kept for two years. Two years ago, when his daughter was born, he combined his son's daughter's birthday with a group and decided to keep it. In the meantime, this group also had a bonus of 200 yuan.

"I read so many lottery stories, and some people spend thousands or even thousands of dollars to buy lottery tickets. I do not pay too much attention to buy lottery tickets, each spent 10 yuan to buy 6+5." Mr. Lou said, it is holding this idea he kept two years, did not expect the true.

Coincides with the double, and the 11 million yuan prize, has three healthy. But in fact, Mr. Lou in this big holiday did not like ordinary people think of the joy. Because his family was ill in hospital, even tens of millions of yuan bonus did not let Lou happy.

"I was in September 26th to buy lottery tickets, a day before the Mid Autumn Festival, my sick relatives need surgery, I was particularly bad mood, passing the betting station there has been reported good news to see, my heart suddenly felt that the winner could be me. But because my family is sick, I can't wait to go to the hospital." Mr. Lou said, until October 2nd, the family condition is relatively stable, and he went to the betting station mark.

Want to build a school in the home bonus

Mr. Lou said that after his prize, he was not particularly excited and excited, did not disturb anyone, and quietly left the betting station back home, the news of winning the family. "I read so many stories, many people although the prize, but not happy. I was around the Bush told my wife, said after the day will be a little better, in fact, I do not want to affect the life of the lottery."

Interestingly, in the interview, Mr. Lou often speak on the one or two he had seen the lottery story to prove his idea about. At the end of the interview, he was suddenly wary of asking for an interview.

Referred to the use of bonuses, Lou ha ha a smile, said: when you want to have money, now suddenly rich, I really do not know what to do." He said he would also like to contribute to a primary school in addition to a family member. "In my hometown, there is not a primary school in the village of 1800 people, because some of the nearby villages merged with the school. I think, if there is a condition, I intend to build a primary school in his hometown, even if only one to three grades are OK, want to let the children at home on the primary school."

Finally, Mr. Lou donated 100 thousand yuan for the charity project fund.

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