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Xinjiang Salesman Pick Up The Money Does Not Reveal The Integrity Of Fu Cai Integrity Style

May 26, 2017

It is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and it is also a manifestation of a good moral and a sense of social responsibility.

"Pick up things to return the owner, is that we know the truth from childhood, this is what I should do." From the hands of Li Wenzhong took the banner, Chen Xuan said with a faint smile.

Chen Xuan is Urumqi City, the liberation of North Road Cultural Lane 65010161 Fucai betting station sales staff, engaged in lottery sales for many years, has been conscientious, with their own enthusiasm and patience for the Lottery to provide quality services.

April 12, after sending away a wave of color, Chen Xuan suddenly found a man on the table more than a hand bag, she thought this must be what careless people will fall to something. Similar to such a thing, Chen Xuan said that has encountered many times. "There are often lottery people to mobile phones, wallets, keys and other items left in the station, I will keep waiting for the owner to claim." But just to buy color lottery too much, this package will be lost who? Chen Xuan completely without a little impression.

A few hours later, still no lottery came to find lost property, Chen Xuan thought this bag may be the owner of the documents or contact, when she opened the package, not only shocked, identity cards, bank cards, 3,000 yuan in cash, There are a stack of notes, to see so many important things, Chen Xuan realized that the owner must be very anxious, so the package carefully received a good wait for the owner.

Until more than 6 pm, Chen Xuan saw a man at the door seems to be looking for something, from time to time to look at the station. Chen Xuan will be asked to ask: "You are not throwing things?" Lottery immediately said: "Yes, yes, I passed here in the morning, where you bought a lottery, I lost a handbag, do not know Is not lost in your here? "The original lottery called Li Wenzhong, from Yili to Urumqi service, morning passing Chen Xuan station bought a lottery ticket after rushed to a new urban area, can wait for him to do things only to find hand bag Was gone, as to where to throw, he had no clue, only one day through the route to try to find.

"I did not expect the hope, I was looking for all the way from the new city, the betting station is the last possible place." See the lost hand bag, Li Wenzhong immediately took out a pile of cash to plug Chen Xuan hands , But Chen Xuan resolutely refused, but smiled and said: "This is what I should do." Eventually in the side of the Lottery's mention point, Li Wenzhong bought 200 yuan lottery to leave, "Like other Lottery said, Support the blessing of the cause, that is, Fucai sales staff the best sure and thanks.

Chen Xuan thought that this little thing so passed, can be April 20 afternoon, Li Wenzhong once again came to the station, and send a banner, "lose money is not ignorant moral character." "Because the time is tight, this banner is when I left Urumqi when the set, this time from Ili to give you a special trip." Li Wenzhong said, Chen Xuan with her simple action to show the blessing of the salesman's integrity and Style, carry forward the spirit of welfare lottery, practice welfare lottery social responsibility, he as a witness must be this kind of social positive energy to spread.